Anyone who had cable in the 80's knows our new "Retention Pond Honey of the Month." She is forever immortalized in most young males' spank bank,therefor she belongs in our very own RPH HOF. Ladies and gentlemen, PHOEBE CATES

The before mentioned image, which most people remember her for (or remember her breast, rather) is the infamous pool scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Though, as it was discussed by RPH chairmen Michael and Ivan on an earlier episode of We're With The Band, their personal Cates crushes came from the movie Gremlins. Cates retired from acting in 1984, runs her own boutique, called Blue Tree on Madison Avenue in New York, and is married to comedic actor Kevin Kline. We can only imagine what kind of beautiful retention pond the Klines might have in their back yard, where Phoebe drops her bikini top upon exiting on a daily basis.

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